Every month we will showcase one of our students, these will be mini interviews giving you an insight into their BJJ journey as well as a bit about their backgrounds.  

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Alex in nogi :)

Alex in nogi :)

Alex Robinson

Nickname: None that I know of!

Your age: 36

Why did you start BJJ?

It’s mostly Joe Rogan’s fault... I heard him talk so much about how great it was, and then there turned out to be a super chilled BJJ school right by my house so I had no excuse! :D

What is your favourite submission and why?

Arm bar, because I’m very slightly more likely to get a chance to try it than everything else

Who is your favourite BJJ athlete?

Does John Danaher count?

Have you been on any BJJ related trips?

Not yet

How do you choose your gi?

Both mine have been bought as gifts

What is your favourite gi brand?

So far I’ve used Tatami only - they seem great

What other martial arts have you tried?

Judo and karate for about 5 minutes when I was a kid

What other hobbies do you have?

Being a wine geek and making music/playing guitar. You can listen to my music here:

What is your profession?

I work for an independent wine merchant

How has BJJ helped you outside of being a great way to spend your evenings?

Definitely helps fitness and strength, and has showed me the value of doing things outside of my comfort zone

How has BJJ affected your life?

It’s a humbling experience (in the best possible way) to feel first hand how helpless you can be against someone who’s more skilful than you. It’s very hard to have a big ego if you train bjj regularly!