London is busy and unpredictable. The train system says everything is working fine but you soon realise that their idea of fine is not what is in the dictionary. Then you have the mythical idea of a Work/Life balance. You get pushed this by HR and it makes you feel like they care. Then when push comes to shove and you want to book in those holidays, your boss says.

"Ah, ah, I almost forgot... I'm also going to need you to go ahead and come in on the days you wanted off"

These are all things that can get in the way of what you really care about...BJJ! So lets look at how this could all play out.

First at another club that is not Wave

Picture a typical day in the office. You work hard all day and then it gets to 6 pm and you are fed up from sitting down and excited to make the 7 pm training at some other club that isn’t Wave. Then just as you log out and shut down your computer your boss comes to your desk, sipping from that annoying “funny” coffee cup and says 

“Can I see where you are with the TPS report before you go?”

Ahhh so you have to turn your computer back on and log back in… 10 minutes later you’ve done that and turn to see your boss on the phone to his boss in the U.S. office… you get the rest.  Then once that’s done you run to the train station and just miss that train. 

Now you have a choice, do you show up late for that class you were looking forward to all day and you know the instructor is going to tell you off and make you do a million burpees and kill any fun and release you would have from your day.

Here is the same story at Wave. 

“Can I see where you are with the TPS report before you go?”

Sure no problem. You can do it in a relaxed way not worrying about being late. This will probably speed you up anyway. 

You get to Wave and there are no burpees. The instructor gets you on the mat and you can join straight in with the drilling. 

You see we want you to be good at BJJ. We don’t want you to skip classes or be late, but we care more that you train and keep improving. If this means you can only make half the class then so be it. We want you to train consistently and improve, as if you get better so does Wave.