I recently read an article about what constitutes a McDojo and this got me thinking about why Wave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was set up in the first place. I wanted to make a place that i would like to train. With a focus on training and fun. Without as much of the drama as we could avoid in running a martial arts club. So with that in mind below are the things we will never do at Wave.

Stop our students training at other clubs, or other students training at Wave.

There is a strong tradition in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clubs of calling people Creonte (click here to find out what this is). Basically this means, you are perceived as being disloyal training at other clubs that aren’t your home club. 

I get it! I really do, it’s not nice when someone you have been teaching and nurturing leaves, but what if they just want to go and check out another club? Or you are travelling and the closest club is an opposing team, yet you still want to train? Why can’t you train where you want? 

When people start training at a club, they usually only know that club, but maybe they want to see how it is in other clubs. Or even just to occasionally train somewhere else. Everyone has wanted to do that and it’s great for the whole BJJ community. So we will never stop you doing that at Wave.

Force you to wear our gis, rash guards or something similar.

There is a lot of really cool Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear out there like Tatami, Meerkatsu, Scramble, Valor, Aesthetic, gi and nogi. These brands help grow the sport by getting it into the main stream and increasing awareness for this great martial art. 

Not everyone can afford an expensive club gi, should they be penalised for this? 

Also who doesn’t dream of one day owning a limited edition gi by Absorb, Shoyoroll, Albino Preto or VHTS (I have two VHTS gis :) )?

Limit who we can bring for seminars due to affiliation.

We have had some really great seminars thanks to our friends at BJJ Globetrotters and Jiu Jitsu events. We partied hard with Jeff Glover and Kurt Osiander, learning some really cool moves in the process. We had the great Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez from 10th Planet come down and show some of his winning techniques.

Charge for affiliation

When we finally do have an affiliate (we will be choosy on who we accept) we will never charge affiliation fees. If we provide services we will charge for those, but there will be no monthly charges and we will show up for seminars without charging. We do this for the love of the art.

Grade faster to keep students, or make the club look better

At Wave we grade on merit. You can read more about our grading here. We are fair with our grading and don’t agree with sandbagging either. When you get a belt from Wave, you will deserve it and know you are ready for the next level.

Make you do burpees for being late

Well this one we wrote a post about. You can read it here. Yes this is a cheap link so you can read that other post too :)

Not allow you to ask a higher belt to roll

I get it, sometimes people don’t want to roll, they are tired or have other reasons. If that’s the case then they can say “sorry I can’t roll”. This also includes me, if you see me being lazy though you can force me to roll and I will. In fact you can ask any instructor to roll or any higher belt. Even if you are there for our famous public open mats and aren’t part of the club. 

Not welcome you

Everyone who comes to Wave is a friend. We will always be friendly and welcoming. This is our house and you are all invited and will be treated no differently than any of our own students. I will even coach you against my own students on occasion. We want everyone who comes to be the best they can be. They will leave improved and also improve our students. 

Not let you roll

“8th RULE (of Fight Club): If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.”

Ok not quite this extreme, if you don’t want to roll you don’t have to, but we encourage everyone to. It’s half the fun of BJJ. Also everyone is friendly and welcoming (see above). So most likely they will guide you and help you through it. After all, isn’t this why you started?

Not let you have fun

BJJ is fun, when you have fun you learn and improve. After all this is a hobby, yes it can help you on many levels but so can lots of things. Take what you need and enjoy yourself :)