What are the payment methods for monthly membership?

We only accept direct debits and bitcoin/ethereum for monthly billing, unfortunately we can not accept cash

When are the direct debits billed?

We bill direct debits on the 1st of the month

What are the terms for membership?

Our membership terms are a reasonable 3 months (after which you can cancel with 7 days notice with written request) most places lock you in for 12 months but we think life is too short for that :)

What if I'm moving away, can I cancel early?

Yes if you are moving too far to come training then we will cancel your membership but as for all cancellations you must give us 7 days notice

What if I want to cancel after the 3 months are up?

You are free to cancel after the 3 months are up, but you must give us 7 days notice for this to happen, send cancellation requests here

If I get injured or can't train for over a month can I pause the membership?

Yes, if you take a holiday for more than 3 weeks you may pause your membership, or if you are injured for longer than three weeks you may pause your membership. 

What about the gi sizing?

You can use the below size chart to work out your size.  You can also try the gis on before taking them.  Remember all gis shrink, so a little larger at the beginning is better to compensate for the shrinkage.

Mens Gi sizing

Mens sizing

Womens Gi Sizing