When we started out in 2013 we didn’t know where it would take us, or if it would be successful. The idea was to be different from other Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools. To train hard and enjoy training, to be respectful and friendly to each other. To socialise together and not judge each other. So lets make this post interesting and give you five key points that WaveBJJ follows.

Be Friendly

This starts from the moment you enter. We want everyone to feel welcome. Our students will help you and guide you through your first classes, you can ask our instructors anything you want about BJJ or any topic you can think of. When rolling the idea is to explore and learn. Smashing leads to fear of trying new things in training, and makes it hard to learn anything. If you are late don’t worry, London can be a pain and with families and work it can be hard to make it on time.  We would rather you trained than skipped classes.

Be Respectful

By this we don’t mean bowing to your teacher or calling him Professor or Sensei (this is definitely not a priority), we mean when someone is talking listen and be considerate of your partner when rolling don’t drop them after a submission. When drilling stay focused, you can talk but keep drilling, it helps we promise.

Be Free

You are free to train at other clubs, we even have our own public open mat in Chiswick so people from other clubs are welcome. Wear whichever gi you want, we will never impose gis on you or other products (of course you can buy them if you like). Free from judgment, everyone is welcome from any walk of life. We have a very broad group that we are very proud of. BJJ is a unique sport in that you can meet people you would never normally come into contact with in everyday life.

Be Clean

This is vital, wear shoes or flip flops off the mat, wash your gis every night after use, cut your nails and shower regularly.

Be Social

Come along to events. If you like sitting quietly in the corner on your phone and not talking thats fine, just come along and meet the rest of the team. We also do other activities like obstacle races and cinema trips to name a few. This is part of the experience and really helps you get to know your training partners.

Be Training

Ok I can’t count, but in the end it is about the BJJ. Train have fun and get fit, learn to defend yourself, laugh with your friends and forget the stresses of work and anything else thats going on. 

Anything else you would add to this?  Sound off in the comments below.