Every month we will showcase one of our students, these will be mini interviews giving you an incite into their BJJ jounrey as well as a bit of their backgrounds.  

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Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife


Your Name: Fenella

Nickname: Nella

Your age: 27

Why did you start BJJ?

Initially, because my husband was going to start (after training a bit of nogi in South Africa) and I realised I would become a martial arts widow if I didn't give it a go. I kept coming because it was obvious to me how useful it is for self defence as well as it being fun and social.

What is your favourite submission and why?

Omoplata because mastering it was the moment I realised I wasn't shit at BJJ. When I was first taught it I thought it was so advanced I would never manage it. Now I see it everywhere.

Who is your favourite BJJ athlete?

So much respect for ALL the women at the top of their game, changing the face of BJJ in an incredibly male dominant sport.



Have you been on any BJJ related trips?

No but was debating Belgium Globetrotters this year. Monies always a problem.

How do you choose your gi?

I'm a girl, there's not much choice for us! Any brand that stocks F!

What is your favourite gi brand?

Aesthetica for fit, Tatami for quality and Zipravs for super cool design rashguards.

What other martial arts have you tried?

None, BJJ pureist!

What other hobbies do you have?

Fitness in general. Arts and culture, museums, galleries, theatre, cooking, pub quizzes and anything that involves being outside.

What is your profession?

Head of Operations for an Arts PR Agency

How has BJJ helped you outside of being a great way to spend your evenings?

I didn't realise until having six weeks out with a knee injury, how brilliant it had been for my stress and anxiety levels. It is an awesome way to release stress and tension, I guess the mix of laughing, exercise and fighting is ideal for mental and physical health.

How has BJJ affected your life?

It has made me feel safer and more confident. It is incredibly humbling, there is nothing like getting beaten every day to teach you a bit of perspective. It has also helped me realise that is possible to do anything if you put the hours in.

Do you have any funny stories?

If you had told me two years ago I would ever be BJJ blue belt, I probably would have said "WTF is BJJ?"