Lorenzo went to visit our friends in Bavaria at Stonewood Rangers. This is the third year WaveBJJ has visited our Bavarian friends and it's always a pleasure to share the knowledge and train and drink with these guys.  


Stonewood Martial arts is a school in Ebnath, Bavaria.  The closest big city is Nuremberg and from there you can take a scenic train ride to Neusorg which is a stone throw from Ebnath.  The school has around 40 members all of them are very dedicated and is taught by Andi.


Lorenzo taught a three day seminar, going over back taking and back techniques followed by some pressure passing.  Andi took us for a walk in the Stonewoods and we ate a lot of Bavarian food which comprises of a lot of meat, although Andi being a vegetarian tried to convert us at every meal.  Below is a typical conversation at dinner :)


"What is a typical Bavarian dish Andi?"

"Cheese Lorenzo"

"Are you sure? Seems to be a lot of meat on this menu?"

There was also a grading and a shark tank.  Lots of new stripes and one belt this time and an epic shark tank for Karsten.  

In 2018 we will be doing a big group trip to Bavaria.  Keep your eyes peeled for more information.