As I sit here in front of the fireplace with a hot toddy and furry slippers, my thoughts move to 2018.  What does this year hold?  What are 5 goals that we could accomplish for the year for the club?  

I have kept these at goals that will help improve the students by aiding training and competing more.  Aesthetic improvements are coming but these won't be included in the goals below.

1. Compete, compete and compete

In 2018 we will push one competition a month that we can go to as a team.  This will start in February as this gives us some time to get ready for the first one then build momentum from the first one.

2. Add more options to train.

Everyone is busy but with a flexible schedule and more classes this leaves fewer excuses not to train.  We are all in charge of our own training and can take ownership for it.  To make this easier we have added drilling classes for members 6pm Monday to Thursday evenings.  We are also trialling some other new classes and will expand the schedule depending on demand and new ideas.  We are a small club and can be quick to adjust.

3. A syllabus

We are implementing a fundamentals syllabus and this will be a rotating 3/4 month syllabus.  We will also be adding more structure to the advanced classes, so everyone is on the same page.  

4. `More fun events

These will be more geared towards improving team building and training.  With indoor climbing and travelling to train more.  The emphasis will be on fun but functional for BJJ.

5. Helping each other more

Whether it be in BJJ or everyday things, we have a little community of people who can help each other.  We have bulders, plumbers and musicians. We come from all walks of life and can help improve the gym as well as each others day to day lives.  Lets try and help each other grow in 2018.

OK the last one was a bit soppy, but 2017 was a challenging year. Lets fix that in 2018 and hit any goals we have. See you all at training or around in 2018.  Be well and work hard, but with a bit of fun :).